The story so far…..

I have been in Cambodia now just 18 days and a lot has been happening 🙂 Here is a overview on what has been going on with Helping Hand Cambodia. Thank you to all who make this happen and help and support the work that we are doing in the slums where we work.

After travelling for 27 hours it was a nice surprise to be met by our children with gifts and a cake.50595996_2388328444524824_7178575765502427136_nWe took the children to Elim Church, Phnom Penh on Sunday for worship and a youth event, enjoyed by all….especially the meal.50603676_1808673812571299_7432437529883705344_nWith our new building being so close to the slum in which we work it is so nice and easy to be able to just wander in and say hello…..51214613_2394552523902416_6466611591033913344_nChanthy will often visit our students and meet with the families…50740832_2395917887099213_9062953608189837312_nWith money donated by her sponsor Ny Chy Ya was able to have the glasses that she needed.

We were blessed with having some books and a table donated; they are greatly appreciated and widely used.50899066_2399121886778813_6499914771742064640_n51486445_2412925098731825_6264176888881610752_nSrey Mey was one of the first children to be sponsored by Helping Hand Cambodia and it is always nice to meet her and her family and spend time relaxing in their small home.51405610_2400434049980930_1969831401066856448_n50411468_2400741643283504_656278909863591936_nIt was a privilege to have Meth Vanthy come to speak to our children about hope and ambition. He has founded his own music and arts school and is widely respected having worked for other charities in Cambodia.51068806_2166885193369355_7168253159498842112_n51689152_2166885170036024_323989217296252928_n (1)Although we had no lessons last week due to a lot of places having holidays because of Chinese New Year celebrations we still had four students turn up regularly for extra classes !!51541323_2409969122360756_6558356563537428480_nWith money donated we are now able to supply this family with rice each month. They live just across from our building and the parents earn a living by collecting rubbish (tin cans, plastic bottles etc) for recycling. There house often gets visited by snakes at night…50949606_162793301270758_3996074423017799680_nWe were also able to take another child to the opticians to buy him new glasses. He had lost his old pair just a few days ago. His eyesight is so bad that he cannot attend school without them so with money donated we were able to buy him new ones.51769694_379021592889779_7784409369646465024_n

On Sunday we took Helping Hand’s children plus one friend or family to Grand Phnom Penh Water Park for a day of fun. There was over 60 of us altogether including helpers and we had such a good time spending over four hours there 🙂 Thank you to the sponsors who donated towards this.51879020_291024051564057_5220008981321220096_n Today we were able to give out rice to those who are supported by our rice sponsorship scheme. Below are pictured some of our recipients…51991443_323567964951691_3456434975098798080_n Thank you to all those who support the work that we are doing be it financially, prayerfully or practically. If you would like to know more about the work of Helping Hand Cambodia please email me at

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