Jenny and Denham

A while ago some friends of mine visited the slum in which Helping Hand Cambodia works. Here is Jenny’s account of their visit and the impact it had on them. Thank you both for your time and gifts that were given.

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and He will reward them for what they have done.”  Proverbs 19:1726992611_2051651041757885_5421902008591230259_n

Yesterday we visited a project working in the slums just on the outskirts of Phnom Penh called ‘Helping Hand Cambodia’. We arrived in Cambodia after a 7 hour bus journey from Vietnam and within an hour we were riding in a Tuk Tuk across the city. It was the only time we could go as it’s a whistle stop tour for us in Phnom Penh. Our friend Duncan, who founded the charity, organised Chanthy to take us to the slums. She was amazing and such a blessing. She has a real heart for what the project is doing and we could see she is so loved by everyone there. She told us she visits the families in the slums every week.
What Helping Hands are doing is so inspirational. They encourage people to sponsor children to have an education and fulfill their potential. They also provide food for families in need and so much more. The people were so welcoming and full of joy to see us. They were so hospitable and willing to share with us the little they had. It was wonderful to give the children flip flops, underwear, t-shirts and sweets. A small token really but not enough for what they really need.
I had to keep myself composed a few times as their stories are so harrowing.
I said to Denham it seems the cycle cannot be broken unless they are helped. Denham also said that they need hope. There was such a lack of the basic needs that are a necessity to live. Children without clothes, babies without nappies or milk, elderly people without families and no-one to support them or be left to die. No sanitation and for many families inadequate shelters in which they live. There is also a great deal of sickness. But most importantly not enough food.
I felt so compelled for us to pray for some people for healing, three ladies who were sick and one lady who was sick but had also lost her husband last month. All the family, the Mother, two daughters and son have HIV.
Helping Hands sponsors one of the daughters for her education. When we arrived this lady had hidden in an alleyway and Chanthy had to encourage her out. I saw so much pain in her eyes which compelled me to ask Chanthy if I could pray for her. I hugged her afterwards as Chanthy had explained her story to us and I wanted her to know she is loved.
There was one young girl who lives without parents as they have both died and she herself has been left with HIV.
Loss, sickness, domestic violence, husbands in prison, people with no families.
I don’t quite know what to say about the slums. I think it broke my heart.
It really was a privilege to go and see these lovely people and we’re so grateful for the opportunity we had to spend time with them.
Thank you Duncan, Chanthy and all at Helping Hand Cambodia.
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