Back to a land that knows nothing of Brexit……

This is my first post since returning from my last trip to Cambodia in September,too long to leave it really especially with all that has gone on with Helping Hand Cambodia. It is nice to be leaving Brexit behind when I travel next Tuesday and to see the work that is steadily growing in the slum in which we work.


Since my last trip Chanthy is now working full time for the charity, and with the help of two volunteer teachers we are able to hold lessons from Monday to Friday at the building we now rent which is right next to the slum in which we work. These lessons are mainly “Homework Support” and English.



The children that we sponsor come from incredibly poor backgrounds and do not have the support mechanisms that other children attending Beltei International School have i.e. laptops, IPads, internet access and educated parents to help them with their homework  (a lot of our children’s parents cannot read or write….) and anything else school related out of school hours. With our new building and Chanthy and the volunteers we can now offer that support for our children.



We had no idea how many of our children would turn up or how keen they would be to attend “more school”….but the result has been amazing. Nearly all the children who are able to attend do so. We merely supplement their teachings at Beltei and I am so grateful to all who have made this happen. But the main point is that it IS making a difference, not only are our children improving and becoming more consistent in their results but there is more and more a sense of community between everyone involved; the children, Chanthy, the volunteers, the children’s families and others who are involved one way or another with the charity. We are also now able to offer Traditional Cambodian Dancing to our students which is such a Blessing and attended by many of the children.


Recently our older students went on a day trip with a local Church and their youth group and had an opportunity to hear about Jesus and Christianity. Virtually all of our children come from Buddhist families so have no knowledge of any other faith. 48982039_537196346796234_1576930271024906240_n49133838_917858398407444_9033956480088276992_nAs always we award a certificate to the most improved student in their class grading each month. Well done to Chan Sreyroth and Ren SreyThet…..47360230_216769069218691_7857452349441179648_n48377258_491919897881853_3708684576260882432_n


Thank you to all who have made this happen; sponsors, supporters, those who donate and those who pray. May this just be the beginning…..


Chanthy with one of our volunteers and some of our students

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1 Response to Back to a land that knows nothing of Brexit……

  1. sallyinkenya says:

    Well done Duncan happy to see you are returning to your second home where you are so needed and where you make a huge difference. God bless you and all you will be doing.

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