Much to do and more time to do it in.

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The future is exciting……I have now returned to Cambodia earlier this week for the 14th time in eight years. Helping Hand Cambodia has grown substantially over the last two years when we were operating from a small room in the north west of Phnom Penh with just over 20 children sponsored to today where we operate from a large building right next to the slum in which we work and have just over 40 children sponsored.P1190001

I have resigned from my day job and will now spend my time working for the charity and more time in Cambodia……exciting times lie ahead. What excites me is the enthusiasm and ability of the children we sponsor from one of the most deprived areas of Phnom Penh, although there are so many slums here. Just because they are born into unfortunate circumstances does not mean that they are second class citizens from a Third World Country; they just do not have the opportunity to get a good education and move on in life, but that is what we try and offer them.P1190059

The children’s response to their opportunity is amazing…..they know that their future is now in their own hands and they are so excited about this.

As an organisation we have been greatly Blessed by the support that we have received, practically, financially and prayerfully and know that what has been achieved so far has been God’s will and that the future of Helping Hand Cambodia is in His hands. The future is exciting…….


For more information on Helping Hand Cambodia please email me at

Job 5:16 ” So the poor have hope and injustice shuts it’s mouth”


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2 Responses to Much to do and more time to do it in.

  1. Jenny Hayles says:

    I have watched Helping Hand grow from its inception and appreciated all the time and effort you have invested in the charity Duncan. I am delighted it has reached the stage where you can work full time with Helping Hand. I will continue to pray for God’s blessing on the work.



  2. zoransulc says:

    Welcome back. Give us a call when you are free. Must meet up.

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