Happy in a land without Brexit.

So let’s face it Brexit is mostly about money (all about money ?)….how does it effect me, will I be better off, how secure is my job? Most of the Cambodians and families that Helping Hand Cambodia is trying to help have no money and I am sure would find the whole Brexit thing quite amusing; I find it amusing as well as being with those who have nothing puts my life in perspective…..

Being back in Phnom Penh it is so good to be able to meet up with the children again and see how they are getting on, not just at school but also to see how much they are growing up. With a generous donation from some people back home we were able to take the children, and one friend, on a boat trip along The Riverfront with pizza, chicken and coke for lunch. This is the first time any of the children have been to this, tourist, part of Phnom Penh and the first time they have ever been on a boat.P1150359 (3)



It was good to meet up with the Principle of Beltei School again. He has always been very supportive of what Helping Hand Cambodia is doing to help the children in the slums and has promised to help as much as he can in the future. He himself did not start proper schooling until he was 11 years old and can appreciate and see the potential in the children we are helping.28056403_334237920423857_3803844073304392032_nP1150629

Helping Hand Cambodia now supports 12 families with rice each month through our rice sponsorship scheme from as little as £10 a month. This may seem a very unexciting project to support but a lot of the people/families living in the slums have very little and providing an amount of rice each month, their staple diet, really helps them.  For more information please see Rice Sponsor.P1150015P1150030P1150028It was a delight to be able to take out and give nearly 50 pairs of shoes and flip flops to those in the slums where we work. Many people contributed and a word of thanks goes to Poundland on the Isle of Wight for their contribution.P1140890



It is a small world. My friend Nadine who I used to work with at Waitrose on the Isle of Wight is currently travelling around Asia with two of her friends. She happened to be in Phnom Penh the same time as me so it was good to meet up with her again and take her to the slums in which we work and introduce her and her friends to our friends we work with and try and help. I am pretty sure they made lots of new friends.P1140995P1140953P1140947P1140936




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