Busy Days part 2……

Here is a quick overview of what I was up to on the last three weeks of my time in Cambodia. Pictures say more than words so I will leave it to the pictures mostly….

Srey Pich was given her certificate for most improved Helping Hand student in April/May…a little overdue! Her father was very pleased for her as he goes off to sell his duck eggs.

It was a great pleasure to be able to give out gifts to the children in the slum that were donated by Niton Methodist Church Sunday School…..Thank you !!

It was a blessing to give out clothes that were donated as well.

Helping Hands latest two students were enrolled at Beltei School. We now have over 20 children sponsored…their future is now in their own hands #followandliveyourdreams.

Morn Nin was the first child to be sponsored and he was pleased to show us his certificate for coming 3rd out of 36 in his class.

Through our Rice Sponsorship scheme we are able to supply 20 Kg of rice each month to two more families, both with desperate needs

It was a pleasure to meet with Mr Ly Chheng the Director General and founder of Beltei International School. He is very supportive of the work that Helping Hand is doing and has given the children great incentives to do well.

Helping Hand is now a recognised Formal Charity (Local NGO) in Cambodia. This process took just three months and we have many people to thank for this. As Helping Hand does not translate into Cambodian we are know here as Cambodian Children’s Charity Organisation.

Lika and Chhorvin were two that helped with our application process and Chanthy and I took them out for lunch to say “Thank you”. Chanthy provided for lunch and I said thank you with some Isle of Wight cookies…..

With money donated we were able to take the children plus one friend/family to the cinema to see Despicable Me 3. Afterwards we went for a walk around the National Football Stadium (Olympic Stadium). Thank you to those who made this happen.

Thank you to all who follow and support our work here in the slums of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. If you would like to get involved, help in any way or simply find out more about what we do please email me at duncan2008bell@aol.com

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