Busy Days……Part 1

So it was exciting times as I returned to Cambodia, Phnom Penh, and the slum’s in which Helping Hand works. I had gifts to give to some of the children from their sponsors, gifts that were given to me to bring from Niton Methodist Church Sunday School on the Isle of Wight, clothes that were donated as well as a laptop that is to be shared amongst some of the children we support. Carrying all this from England I was about 7 Kg over my luggage allowance……but fortunately they seemed to turn a blind eye (phew!). Here is just a bit of what I have been up to so far……

It was a pleasure to pass on some small gifts to Pisey and her brother and sister from her sponsor. Both her and her sister were given a letter as well which they both read out in English as soon as they opened them. Their English is so good and they are so keen to learn. They often practice each day by speaking English to each other.

Somonin was given his certificate for most improved child in his class grading last month, improving 17 places. His ambition is to become an architect one day, I am sure he will achieve this. His father is a retired teacher and knows the importance of a good education.

Srey Mey was one of the first children to be sponsored by Helping Hand and is one of the smartest. She made these beautiful paper flowers by herself which are a complete contrast to the environment in which she lives. Her mother works as a cleaner and does not get home until 10.30 at night so she has to look after her younger sister and brother until then; this includes cooking their evening meal. Her father left some years ago.

I am so thankful for the person who donated this laptop. It was given to Srey Poeun but she will share it with others at Helping Hand as I have seen how much a laptop can help the children with their studies. If anyone has a laptop they no longer need please get in touch……

We are so Blessed to have Chanthy Chen working for Helping Hand. She has so much respect from those who know her and the families we help in the slum. Basically she just gets things done and works so hard. Helping Hand would not be in the position it is now to help so many children and families if it were not for her.




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