A Little update

The other week Helping Hand held the first of what will hopefully be a series of meetings entitled “Encourage and Inspire”. The idea is to invite guest speakers to share about their own life experiences and tell the children that they CAN follow and achieve their dreams. Channy Leng was the first to be invited and she spoke about her successful clothing business (She makes clothes, bags and other fashion accessories) and how she had achieved this. She is a good example of a successful businesswoman and the children were keen to listen to her.

Thol Sreynin received her certificate for the most improved Helping Hand student in March, moving up 10 places in her class in the last 3 months! She had the pleasure of it being awarded to her by Mam Yoeun the Beltei Deputy Principle.18253982_1108139069291447_2115284688_n18217759_1108139089291445_139419521_n

Unfortunately Chanthy, Helping Hand’s Cambodian coordinator, was involved in a road accident the other day when a 12 year old boy crashed into her on his moto. The boy was unhurt but Chanthy was taken to a clinic and had some stitches put in her chin and has injured her leg. Her moto was badly damaged and has been sold. Please pray for a quick recovery for her.

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