Happy Days at Helping Hand

It was a pleasure to be in Phnom Penh when the latest two children from Helping Hand were enrolled at Beltei School. Sokom was so excited that he cried and Srey Pich ran all the way from the bus she had caught to meet us and get enrolled. Both come from very poor backgrounds and live in a nearby slum village.

This month Helping Hand was pleased to award Srey Mey with a certificate of achievement for being the most improved student last month. This was partly due to her having  laptop to use, provided by her sponsors. Helping Hand are currently looking for more laptops so we can help our children help themselves more.P1120550 On Sunday we gathered all the Helping Hand children and some of their parents together at Beltei School so we could all get to know each other a little bit better. The children were asked to come to the front and share a little about themselves and Chanthy and I explained about Helping Hand and gave them all a chance to ask us any questions about our charity. All but one of the children live in the same village and there is a real sense of community about what we are trying to do….basically it’s just great fun to be with them 🙂 and I am really pleased with their achievements so far but most of all their excellent attitude towards learning.P1120775


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One Response to Happy Days at Helping Hand

  1. Jenny Hayles says:

    What a lovely, encouraging and happy email. Well done Duncan. What a lot you have achieved for so many!




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