The Story So Far…

I have been in Cambodia now for just over two weeks and have managed to keep myself quite busy. Here are a few more things that Helping Hand has been doing…..

Three of our children were given small amounts of money by their sponsors so we took them and some of their family on a shopping trip to one of the main markets in Phnom Penh to treat themselves.

Last week I was introduced to Sokren Sang of Comfytravel and Soknang Rich Chea who runs a Khmer American online company KATVonline. Both of these men helped out with our trip to The Royal Palace and National Museum for our children. Comfytravel were good enough to provide the transport for the trip and KATVonline provided breakfast for everyone followed by lunch at Pizza Company.17308833_1887795288131266_2746809223140169230_nEach of our children brought with them one friend/family member so there were over 40 of us in all. It was another Grand Day Out and a chance for everyone to have a day away from their own environment which far removed from that of The Royal Palace… KATVonline interviewed some of the children about their trip and they were able to share their thoughts with many Cambodians in America where the TV company operates.

We were greatful to The Royal Palace who charged just $1 for all 40+ of the Cambodians to enter; money saved that can be spent on other things for them.(Foreigners are charged $10…!)


We were also greatful to the landlady who owns the land on which the slum is built. She has allowed us to plant a well and build toilets in the slum village, at present there is no access to free fresh water and there are no toilets in any of the houses….I think she liked her Isle of Wight cookies….

Each month Helping Hand is able to provide rice to 10 families in the village which is paid for by individual sponsors. It may not seem like a lot to some people but it can relate to up to three weeks food for some families..


P1120500If anyone would like to find out more about the work of Helping Hand, or are interested in sponsoring a child to go to Beltei school or would like to sponsor a family with rice from just £10 a month, please email me at

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