Back to the Kingdom of Wonder

So here I am back in the country they call “The Kingdom of Wonder” for a four week stay to oversee and help promote the work of Helping Hand Cambodia. I was given a generous donation of clothes ,toys and gifts for the children and families in the slum in which we work in the Chmbar Ampov district in the south of Phnom Penh.P1110869

Giving these gifts out was such a blessing and so much fun! The children were very well behaved and disciplined……in the beginning ! There seemed to be something for everyone and none of the children were left out.P1110951


Thank you to those who donated these gifts, it is hard to impress how much they were appreciated.

Earlier this week we met with the Principle of Beltei school which is where the children who are sponsored go to school. It is just 10 minutes away from the slum in which they live yet a world removed from the enviroment in which they are growing up in. He is very supportive of what Helping Hand is doing and is impressed by how well the children are doing and their attitude towards learning.

One of the girls who is sponsored handed us a letter to her sponsor as soon as we arrived in the slum. Her younger sister also wanted to write a letter; again the writing is so good considering how long they have been learning English.

Next week we have more surprises for the children, watch this space……..



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