Helping Hand Cambodia is now official


In just over one year from being established Helping Hand is now a registered charity; charity number 1171400 !!!! Thank you so much to all those who have helped, supported, prayed and made this work. This now opens so many more doors for us, primarily giving us access to funding which I will endeavour to source as we look to employ Chanthy (our Phnom Penh coordinator) full time.

Every child sponsored is a life changed and I have used #slumkidsaresmartkids a few times because it is true.We now have 20 children sponsored and in January’s class grading all but 4 came in the top half of their class (one came 2nd out of 38 !) and 2 of those had only been at school for 1 month. These are the future of Cambodia and, I believe, will be leaders in their chosen field. Because of their background they have a different attitude to other children.Help us to enable to give more children this opportunity by sharing our website Helping Hand .

We also support 10 families with rice every month from just £10 a month; again see the website for details. May this be just the beginning…..


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