Cambodian Reflections

So I am now back home after spending nearly 1 month in Cambodia for Helping Hand and there is a lot to reflect on. To be able to help sponsor these children to go to Beltei School is such enjoyable work and it was great to see some of the children open their gifts which I had taken to them from their sponsors

As well as giving out the gifts I was also on the receiving end when I was given this by the daughter of one of the ladies who we were able to provide a rubbish cart for…


It was so nice to meet up with Jan, Jean and Elayne who had also travelled from England to see what life was like in Cambodia and especially spend time in the slums. Elayne travelled out so that she could meet her sponsored child. Sokunkim wanted to go to the airport to say goodbye to Elayne when she flew back to England.This was also a treat for him as he had never seen a plane before…

It was also a pleasure to visit the workers at Victor Laszlo again. It is here that they make the bags for the business and most of those employed have unfortunate backgrounds and this work is an opportunity for them to move on in life and earn a descent wage.p1100940

Probably the best day of my time in Cambodia was the day that we took the sponsored children and their friends/family to Tamao Zoo for the day. The idea was that each sponsored child (16 at the time) could take 3 others with them. There were 10 adults to help supervise and translate and lunch was also provided. The children were so well behaved and a good time was had by all.p1110143

Beltei School is one of the top schools in Cambodia and has 16 schools in Phnom Penh with 2 more under construction. Last year the school that the sponsored children go to produced Cambodia’s top performing student. The children that now attend through Helping Hand have the opportunity to fulfil their dreams and for them now the sky’s the limit. I was so impressed by their attitude and the neatness and tidiness of their school work. What these children now have is their future in their own hands….just as it should be.

It was so good to see Jan donate 50 bags of rice to 50 different families in the village. As I have said often before this might not seem a big deal to most of us in the West but these people live with absolutely nothing most of the time so they need their basic needs addressed first….food and shelter.


Money was also donated so that Sothea could have a new pair of glasses. His eyesight is very poor and he will one day need an operation to correct his sight. In the meantime his new glasses(he was bought his first pair a year ago), when tried on for the first time,prompted him to say….”wow, everything is so clear!”

Finally, I saw this on the wall of the home of the latest child to be sponsored….may there be many more to be given the opportunity to take their own future into heir own hands.p1110385

What a good way to finish….!!


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