The Best Way to Say Goodbye

So, as I am writing this I will be leaving Cambodia in 7 hours time after being here for nearly 4 weeks. It has been a blessed time and I have been able to see first hand the work of Helping Hand, the purpose of which is to enable people to sponsor a child from the slums of south Phnom Penh to go to one of the top schools in Cambodia.

This morning our latest child was enrolled, the 18th. Pissey is 12 years old and passed the entrance exam with flying colours. She was given her uniform and will start her first lesson this afternoon. She would one day like to be a missionary……This really is the best way for me to say goodbye to Cambodia.p1110662

Thank you to all who have made me welcome here again, it was good to see so many old friends. So, until I am told otherwise I will keep on livingthedream……

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1 Response to The Best Way to Say Goodbye

  1. Catherine says:

    Following you in prayer.My heart dreams that dream too for our sponsored children.God will use them and their gifts to bring something beautiful into this unstable world.Bless you.Eager to hear more news of our children.😃🙏

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