Meeting the Men in Charge

Today I had the privilege of meeting the school principle of Beltei School and the District Chief of the area in which Helping Hand works in the south of Phnom Penh. Both men have been very supportive of the work done, primarily getting children from the nearby slums sponsored to go to Beltei school. The school itself is having much building work done as they expand from 54 classrooms to 80. The principle told me that his school had the No 1 student in the whole of Cambodia last year! This student has now won a scholarship of $5000 to attend university in one of the countries that Beltei have connections with in South East Asia…..So this opportunity is available to all who attend Beltei, including the children from the slums who are sponsored by Helping Hand. As a small gift I gave him some cookies made on the Isle of Wight; he appreciated these as he had not had any breakfast and was getting hungry….

It was a pleasure to be able to visit some of Helping Hand’s children in their classes and spend time with them in their lessons. The classes have no more than 30 students and the teachers are treated with respect…


One of the children sponsored by Helping Hand; he is always so happy !

Having played football and cricket I have been in many “team photo’s” but this is one of my favourites; pictured with some of the sponsored children, the school principle and Chanthy who co-ordinates for Helping Hand in Cambodia.14705707_934045916700764_4897391041148294464_nIt was also a pleasure to meet the District Chief who gives authority for charities and organisations to work in his district. Not only does he give his authority but we also have his support and encouragement for what we do. He also appreciated his Isle of Wight cookies !


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