In at the Deep End…

So some things never change. It was so nice to be back in the slums and see old friends but as always this time of year due to the rains many houses have been flooded. Living right next to a small lake doesn’t help but they have little choice as to where they can live or build their houses; they just have to move “upstairs” until the water has gone. With no drainage in the village the water soon becomes pretty dirty to say the least….


The children were keen to show me their school books and as always, I know that I shouldn’t be, but I was surprised at the tidiness and neatness of their schoolwork. Some of them may be behind with regard to their age compared to children studying in England but they are certainly not lacking in enthusiasm.

Amongst all the mess and squalor in the slum it is so encouraging to see the opportunities given to these children being taken with so much enthusiasm. Education is the only way out of the slums for these children and although this is just the beginning for most of them, like learning basic English, the long term benefits are endless….

I was blessed to be given the loan of a bike for the next 3 weeks by a friend of a friend. Not only does it save me money on tuk tuk’s but also keeps me fit. I think it is made of iron…p1100656



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One Response to In at the Deep End…

  1. sallyinkenya says:

    I am impressed with the children’s school work, their writing is so neat and tidy. Thanking God for sponsor who make the difference to the children enabling them to go to school. Education is so important for ALL children, they are the future generations. It must be nice to be back Duncan and seeing the progress from when you were there last. You probably feel about Cambodia the way I feel about Kenya,,, they are firmly fixed in your heart and you feel it is your second home! I have left my heart in Kenya and am praying I can raise enough money to go again, I miss them all so much. Enjoy your time there making a difference and bringing joy to all. God bless you.

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