Happy Days !!

It has been a busy time for Helping Hand over the last few weeks with seven new children being enrolled at Beltei school and two others starting their second year there.


Nine children sponsored from the slum with the Principal of Beltei School

This is an opportunity that these children could only have dreamed of but thanks to the generous donations of a few people these children now have the opportunity to move on in life and fulfill their dreams. Most of the children want to be either Doctors or teachers so that they can give something back and help others.

For more information on how to sponsor a child or donate to help those living in the slums of Phnom Penh please visit Helping Hand

One of the boys sponsored had a surprise when he received a letter and photo’s from his sponsor in England. Sokunkim was one of the first to be sponsored and is doing well in his English lessons and looking forward to meeting his sponsor when she flies out to visit him in October.


Mrs Pav Neourn was mentioned in my blog a couple of months ago. She would climb trees and would walk the muddy riverbank to collect “the edible vegetable” which she would try and sell for maybe $1 a day if she was fortunate enough. Well she now has her own brand new rubbish cart due a donation from a couple on the Isle of Wight. This may not seem very exciting but it makes a world of difference to Mrs Pav Neourn as she no longer has to climb trees or walk through muddy riverbanks and is now able to earn far more than she ever could before by collecting and selling recyclable products such as plastic bottles or cardboard.

At the end of each month Helping Hand buys rice for some families with some of the money donated. Again it may not seem like a lot to most people but for those who have literally nothing it is a real blessing.


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