More Good News !

I was reminded the other day when looking through my notes that someone had mentioned to me that little things can make big changes…therefore a lot of little things can make a lot of big changes! This is what we are seeing at Helping Hand. The generosity of people is making BIG impacts on the lives of a few in the slums of Phnom Penh.

One such example is the donation of powdered milk to Lung Srey Oun so that she can feed her two month old son,Sun Channien. This initial donation of four months supply has now been extended for another four months. At $11 (£8) for a tin it may not seem much to many of us but it really is a blessing to Lung Srey Oun as her husband has no work and “scavenges” through rubbish to find items he can sell on to be recycled making maybe $2 a day.

More good news was given to Helping Hand last week when Chanthy met with the two District Chiefs of Chmbar Ampov, the area of Phnom Penh in which we work. They have both agreed to officially recognise, accept, and support the work of Helping Hand. This is a tremendous benefit  and means that we can work alongside, and with, the authorities and have ,in effect, recognition from the Government. We also have the support and recognition of the police in the area in which we work…….this is such a blessing as these privileges are often so hard to come by….Thank you to Chanthy for your hard work in organising this.

Another little thing that Helping Hand has been able to coordinate is the supply of rice for the above family. Both the father and mother have HIV. The father is 42 years old but to weak to work. The mother works but gets just $2 (£1.5) a day, if that. They have two children and this donation of rice not only helps them survive but shows that someone cares for them. Thank you. We must make this an ongoing contribution.


Above you see a beautiful picture of the Isle of Wight. A few weeks ago myself and a few others cycled around it (100 km). £63 was raised for Helping Hand along with similar amounts for two other charities. This money is yet to be allocated but thank you to Oliver Brett-hill for organising this ride for us.

If you would like to support or promote the work of Helping Hand at all, or have any questions please contact me at . Thank you.


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