And Twelve Makes A Dozen

I am pleased to say that Helping Hand has just received conformation of it’s twelfth sponsor therefore enabling one more child from the slums of Phnom Penh to attend Beltei School and move on in life and out of the slums. Thank you all so much for your sponsorship,donations,support and prayers and may we still believe that this only the beginning…


Mrs Pav Neourn sorting through the plants she has collected to sell on


Mrs Pav Neourn


At 60 years old Mrs Pav Neourn has to do this to this to survive


This is a typical landscape for a slum in Phnom Penh

The lady in the above pictures is Mrs Pav Neourn (Tree Lady). She will walk along the riverbanks behind the Pagoda that is close to her home and climb the trees to get the “edible plant” which she will try and sell, making maybe $1 a day. She is 60 years old and has a large family which she supports as they choose not to support her. There is no question of retirement…….Fortunately Helping Hand has a sponsor who is willing to donate an amount each month to provide rice for her.


Laila with Theara who she helps to sponsor


Theara with his friend who is also sponsored by Helping Hand


Laila with Chanthy

Above is Laila who with Chelsea Bell did a sponsored mini triathlon to raise money to help sponsor a child through Helping Hand. This month she visited her sponsored child,Theara, who lives in one of the slums in the south of Phnom Penh. She is the first sponsor to visit their sponsored child and hopefully she will not be the last. Of her visit Laila said”Theara was very excited to meet me and kept hugging me”.Thank you also to Theara’s other sponsor who I know prays regularly for him.


Theara with his uniform and school books

Due to a generous donation Chanthy was able to buy a new phone after her old one broke. It is vital to her work for taking and sending photo’s and videos of those we are trying to help.Thank you Bethany Ladies Group.


If you would like to find out more about the work of Helping Hand,sponsor a child, or be added to our monthly prayer list please contact me at P1100147

Finally, we are looking for a sponsor/sponsors to help assist with the payments for Chanthy. She is the coordinator for Helping Hand and works in the slums with the children sponsored and their families as well as doing much other work helping and assisting the poor and needy.She has a Masters Degree in Science in Education specialising in Community Development and a Bachelor Degree in Psychology . If you are willing to help at all please email at the above address. Thank you



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1 Response to And Twelve Makes A Dozen

  1. Catherine Burden says:

    Duncan+Becky,this is wonderful news!I am really happy for Helping Hand.I feel we are the fingers and our Lord is the helping hand. I love the photos.I have reprinted some special ones already for a personal album of Theara.I love this young man and thank the Lord for him.He deserves so much.I do hope to meet him one day. An off to see Claire+the family for the w/end+will also see my mother.Will be in touch at the end of next week.God bless you both.Love,Catherine xx

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