More Good Times for Helping Hand

So it is still busy times for Helping Hand. Here is a a selection of what has been happening again in the last few weeks. The family that sponsor Reaksa decided that they would also like to help her family in some way if they could. So they have decided to pay for an amount of rice each month to help feed her family. As I have said before it does not seem very exciting to many of us but when a family of eight is living off just over $100 a month (£70) this is a very welcome gift for them.


On Sunday 1st May myself and a few others cycled around the beautiful Isle of Wight with eight of us cycling to raise money for three charities one of which was Helping Hand. A few of us means about 2,500 in all. The weather was good and the views stunning; every hill was worth it as The Island is quite undulating and challenging in places.It was good to get around the 100 km without having to get off and push at all.

My daughter Chelsea and her friend Laila did a sponsored mini triathlon the other week to raise money to sponsor a child. They swam 2 km cycled 10 km and ran 5 km The money raised was just short of the amount to send him to school but another sponsor has committed to pay enough each month to make up the difference 🙂

We are pleased to announce that one more sponsor has been found, giving one more child from the slum hope for the future as they will now be attending Beltei School and the opportunity to fulfill their potential and live their dreams…

Some of you may remember Mrs Peak Nary. She was given a brand new rubbish cart from a generous donation from somebody who felt God prompt them to give to the poor in Cambodia.Within a day of them getting in touch with Helping Hand we were informed of the plight of Mrs Peak Nary. She has two children, one of which has mental health difficulties and begs for money, and her husband is in prison. She collects rubbish to recycle but only had an old pair of sack trucks to use. The new cart has helped her nearly triple her income. Chanthy bumped into her the other night and was thanked again for helping to make her life so much easier..

Mrs Peak Nary

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