Busy Times For Helping Hand !

So it has been a busy busy time for Helping Hand in the last few weeks(less than three actually!). The lady who sponsors Sokunkim wanted to not only help him but also help his family as well and asked for the best way to do this.Well it doesn’t sound very exciting but the best way to help a family living in the slum is to provide them with rice. Rice is the staple diet in Cambodia and for a family to be given 10 kg a month is a Godsend. They were so excited to receive this not only because it provides them with food and means that they have more money to now spend, but also they know that they are cared for and supported by someone else who is able to help them.

A couple of weeks ago we were asked to give a talk about the work of Helping Hand at Niton Methodist Church here on the Isle of Wight. We spoke to both the main church(which was absolutely full to capacity) and to the young children in the Sunday School. It may have seemed like a sleepy village church but it was so exciting to see it not only full with people but full with enthusiasm and The Holy Spirit.It was wonderful to hear afterwards that two children from the slums of Phnom Penh will be sponsored to go to school, one by the Sunday School and another by a member of the congregation. Thank you so much as two lives have been blessed by your generosity.12931248_626665450825953_322537208365156413_n

We also recently gave a talk at Bethany Church Ladies Group. This group has been supportive of us since we first went to Cambodia four years ago and have always shown an interest in our work out there and were keen to hear about the work of Helping Hand. Thank you for the invitation and for the generous donation that will go towards helping a family in the slums of Phnom Penh.

Another couple that sponsor a child to go to school have also decided that they would like to help the family as well. Again it may sound a bit boring but to supply the family with maybe 20 kg of rice a month makes so much difference. In the slums people need to address their basic needs first, that is food and shelter. Through the generosity and love of others these children and families are being helped one by one….


My daughter, Chelsea and her friend Laila will be doing a sponsored Mini Triathlon later this month to raise money so that they can sponsor another child from the slums to  go to school. We have had another donation that ensures that Theara’s fees will be paid for. Theara has already been enrolled and started school today……!!!

Finally I have arranged to go to Cambodia on 18th October until 11th November to oversee the work Helping Hand is doing. If you would like to join me at any point or would like to just consider it and have some questions please get in touch at duncan2008bell@aol.com. I can arrange accommodation there and am willing to give advice on Cambodia and tours around the city( I lived in Phnom Penh for two years).




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