How to Change a Life….continued

 So, Mrs Peak Nary is up and running with her new cart…..well, walking quite quickly maybe.Thanks to a small donation that was given to Helping Hand we were able to buy her a brand new cart to collect rubbish in (previously she was using just a set of old sack trucks).This means that she is now able to nearly DOUBLE her daily earnings thus enabling her to feed her two children better and have less worries about money.


Sokunkim was enrolled at Beltei School just 3 weeks ago thanks to him being sponsored. As the picture below shows he thoroughly enjoys it and I am always surprised at how neat and tidy their work is; they do take great pride in it.12717359_789560304482660_5191175328642464263_n

 Reaksa is another who has recently been sponsored. Not only does this mean that children get a good education and give them hope for the future but it also keeps them from being bored all day and not being stimulated as their families are often so poor that they cannot afford even to send them to the Government schools (which should be free but unfortunately parents and students have to pay bribes to teachers…).


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