Srey Mey gets a Laptop

Srey Mey is a very fortunate young girl. Not only is she sponsored to go to Beltei School by a group of friends who meet once a month to have a coffee morning at a Church here on the Isle of Wight but she has also been given a laptop from the donations that were raised from a talk given recently about the work of Helping Hand .12717760_600032143489284_8601611742160080340_n This laptop will make so much difference to her learning. Most of the children at Beltei come from families who are quite well off by Cambodian standards and are able to afford to buy laptops for their children.

For information on how to support children like Srey Mey please go to Helping Hand


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One Response to Srey Mey gets a Laptop

  1. Jenny Hayles says:

    I have just found this in my junk mail! Thank you for keeping us up to date Duncan. I need to keep checking my junk mail!



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