A Listening Ear for Helping Hand

Last Tuesday I had the privilege of speaking at a Coffee Morning at one of my local churches, telling them of my last visit to Cambodia.

I was able to inform them about Victor Laszlo and the work of  Helping Hand.Victor Laszlo is a business that was established last year that provides work for former sex workers from the slums of Phnom Penh and enables them to move on in life with Christian help and support.P1070345

Helping Hand is a charity that enables people to sponsor a child from the slums to go to a good school and get a good education, thus enabling them to move on in life and out of the slums. It also provides money for other small projects in the slums.

There seemed to be a real interest in the work going on in one of the poorest countries in the world and £100 was donated by those present afterwards to the work of Helping Hand !! This money will go towards purchasing a laptop for Srey Mey who is one of the first to be sponsored and is being helped to fulfill her dream of one day becoming a Doctor.DSCN7449

Thank you to all who supported this small event and if anyone would like more information about either of the above projects please contact me at duncan2008bell@aol.com



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2 Responses to A Listening Ear for Helping Hand

  1. zoransulc says:

    Good to hear – let’s know when you plan to be here again

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