The next few days……..

So Srey Mey has now started school and looks very smart in her new uniform.P1100179

Unfortunately the lane to her house is very muddy and there is a choice of routes to take;-along the wall or straight through the mud…. It hasn’t really rained much here lately so this is how things are most of the time.

P1100189  P1100190P1100191

We were also able to help Srey Mey’s brother who was having problems with his eyes. He simply couldn’t see things at a distance and needed glasses. So off to the opticians we went and bought him his first pair of glasses. Now he can see properly and will also gain confidence in himself and his schoolwork……such a difference for £22.

P1100192  P1100199


I went to my old house and visited friends there including Buster. Buster used to live opposite me and his parents make cement products; pipes, bases for parasols, tiles and other things….all mixed by hand in the heat of 30 degrees plus. The Sunday School at the Church I used to go to decided to sponsor him so that he could go to a good school and get a good education. I was able to hand over the money for the next 9 months and he showed me his school work which is of a good standard with consistent good marks.


Finally on my way to the airport I had to drop off the bike that had been lent to me. As with everything here in Cambodia it can be delivered in a tuk tuk.


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