The first few days……Part 2

I have spent the first few days so far just catching up with friends and on Thursday went to see Buster who is sponsored by a Sunday School so that he can attend  a good school. I last saw him 16 months ago and he doesn’t seem to have changed at all, he still has that cheeky smile. I was shown his school work and was glad to see that he is getting good results and is really enjoying school. If he had not of been given this opportunity he probably would have spent his life shoveling cement like his parents..P1080523  P1070885

At the end of the week I met a good friend of mine who lent me a bike for my time out here and we cycled into one of the slums where I used to work. Again it was good to see old friends but it always takes my breath away when I see their living conditions.P1090941  P1090943P1090951  P1090945P1090955

On Saturday morning I went to Beltei School to hand over the payments for Srey Mey’s education and collect her books, uniform and other things. She was so keen to start that she started that afternoon.

P1100075  P1100078

Later that afternoon I met my friend Channy again and she introduced me to the ladies who make the bags for Victor Laszlo . As is the way in Cambodia people will convert their houses into sewing rooms. She now produces bags for a friend of mine who exports them to America.

P1100006  P1100007P1100012  P1100013

Sunday morning took me into the slums again where my friend was holding a Church service( not your traditional Church service ) which was followed by chicken curry and rice for all….that is all of the chicken, head to toe.

P1100046  P1100049P1100050  P1090939

I later met Leak,a friend of mine I used to work with who now works for an NGO that works with children, mostly abandoned, under the age of 5. He is in charge of their Foster Care program. It was good to hear that his wife will be expecting their first baby next year.


After 16 months away I really didn’t expect to see this drinks stall still here….but it was. My friends have persevered with their venture and are doing  a good consistent trade, so nice to see. I used to come here every lunchtime for my iced coffee- .50 cents.

P1100103  P1100107


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