Back to the Land of Wonder ( Cambodia )

So my bags are(nearly) packed and I’m ready to go. After returning from Cambodia last June I will be visiting Phnom Penh for three weeks from this Sunday. I have many old friends to catch up with and look forward to visiting the ladies who make the bags for Victor Laszlo and seeing their latest enterprise.


Issues to attend to are: Do I, or do I not take my wellies ?( as I look at the weather forecast thunder storms are on the horizon ) and should I pack any sun cream? ( definitely not as I have never worn it). I should probably take my driving licence in case I want to hire a moto and avoid a fine by the traffic police( but then I am sure they could find something else to fine me for…..) but I may well just hire a push bike and cycle everywhere- it’s good exercise and in Cambodia no one is in a hurry so I can just go at my own pace.


During my previous time in Cambodia I have seen life as it should not be lived and death that should never of happened. So I am out of my comfort zone maybe, but really wanting to help address some of the needs in this amazing country. I have been given sums of money to use discerningly out here and will seek guidance on how this should be spent….it is so hard with so many needs out here.

So, I look forward to re-visit old friends and hope that my eyes will be opened as to what, if anything, I can do in this Land of Wonder……


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2 Responses to Back to the Land of Wonder ( Cambodia )

  1. Catherine Burden says:

    Hello Duncan.I wish to make a gift for you to use towards a child’s education when you return to Cambodia.Would it be ok in £sterling/cheque???? Wish I could give/do more.These children are on my heart.Catherine😊

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  2. Norma Stephens says:

    Hello Duncan. The deep love and commitment which, the Lord has placed in your heart for the people of Cambodia, is moving and exciting.
    May the Lord bless,lead and protect you during your stay.
    Look forward to hearing all about it on your return.
    Every blessing.

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