Mrs Kong Kea’s story…..

Here is a brief testimony from one of the ladies who makes the products for Victor Laszlo  11998305_664078883727768_1858260104_n

I was born in Kampong Cham Province with poor family in rural area. The first marry with bad man in 2003, we had a daughter my husband did not earn profit to support us; he often fight fight me when he came back home. in that time I always cry and hug my daughter. I had some food from my parents because I could not earn money to support family. After my daughter was 2 years old, he gave me up and then he had relationship with another girl. My life so dark because we did not have enough food to eat if we eat morning food we will not eat evening food, our food only one time per day. Sometimes, I did not have money for rental room fee, the owner of rental room blamed me and wanted to terminate from from her house my tears were shed because I did not know what can I do for surviving my self. In the silence night, I was thinking of my life I did have money to buy food for my daughter and submit her to school, I did not sleep whole night after that I decided to be a prostitute. For two years as prostitute to earn money for buying food and material to support the family. I got married with new husband and had two children after married I lived with mother in-law and their relative but my life still in trouble because they never pity on me and always blamed. My life with garment worker for 6 years to support family. I could not work in factory anymore because my health so weak, by the way the wages could not support family. 

11998335_664078953727761_506862594_n 11992112_664077140394609_214014173_n

Now my life has been changed because I am working under roofing of Women’s Hope Group. I have enough wages to buy food, material, pay for rental room and send children to school. We have one motorbike from saving every months. We can live with comfortable life and our children can go to school also. From sharing of my narrative I would like to send the message to the generous people to support our products and services. 

11994390_664078930394430_832456217_n  11998480_664078940394429_42205198_n

*All pictures and wording are published with Kong Kea’s permission.

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