Victor Laszlo’s Open Days…..

We have recently had two Open Days so that people could come and see the bags we are selling and be able to find out more about the business we have started which provides work for former sex workers from the slums of Phnom Penh. Drinks and cake were provided and we were surprised how many people turned up. Please visit our website to see the full range available and we look forward to having more designs by the end of the month   victor laszlo website

P1090635 P1090640 P1090644 P1090636 P1090637 Many bags were sold and it was an exciting start to our new venture. Thank you to all who turned up 🙂

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One Response to Victor Laszlo’s Open Days…..

  1. Jenny Hayles says:

    I am sorry I missed the open days but wish you every success with the business.



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