Taking a Walk….

In Phnom Penh there are not too many places to go for a nice walk as far as surroundings are concerned. But there are plenty of places to go for a good walk as far as people are concerned…. Last Saturday a few of us went for a prayer walk around Stung Men Chey which is where most of the girls who work for Daughters come from, that is they are former sex workers.

So over the rickety bridge we went……no health and safety here.P1070367    P1070347

Always happy faces to meet us

Always happy faces to meet us


It is fair to say that where a lot of them live is a slum. Most will live in just one room with their family, maybe up to five children. Their rent may be $20 a month so with a wage of maybe $130 a month that does not leave a lot to live off…P1070350   P1070388     A lot of them live next to what is called The Black River…..the water really is like tar and smells awful. I am sure that nothing lives it. When the rains come the river will flood and many of their homes will be awash with the filthy water and they will have to move out.P1070345 P1070396   P1070346

So, the surroundings are not too great but the company is wonderful…..the people are so nice and welcoming and did not have much going for them as many had been sold into the sex industry by their own families but those who have chosen to work for Daughters of Cambodia now have hope and an opportunity to move on in life.P1070369   P1070406

So for those of us fortunate to be in Phnom Penh there are many with nothing who will make you feel welcome if you have time on your hands and fancy a walk……P1070397

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