This weekend is one of the most important in recent years for the people, and the future ,of Cambodia. After the election in July the official results are due to be announced on Sunday after the original results were contested by the opposition party. The election was rigged-there is no doubt about that- and a big rally is planned for this Saturday morning by the opposition party.

Independence Monument

Independence Monument

The government has brought in thousands of police and troops and they have been practicing “crowd control tactics” this week. It is thought that many thousands will attend the rally which will be one of the biggest protests in Cambodia’s history.All foreigners have been advised to stay well clear. It is going to be an extremely tense two days…let’s hope and pray that it all passes peacefully and that democracy reigns….and is seen to reign.

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3 Responses to Transition…?

  1. ken phillips says:

    You go careful out there Duncan.

  2. Gwen says:

    Praying for all ur safety …. keep safe and your beautiful daughter … God Bless xox

  3. jo says:

    praying you and Lena will be safe.

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