Short Snippets

  I’ll have the special….and make it snappy

DSCN1078 To get a flat tyre fixed is really no problem at all in Phnom Penh. The two questions that you would ask anywhere when this happens are-How much and how long will it take? The answers here are $4 (£2.40 including inner tube) and about 10 minutes.

DSCN2482  As you would expect to have your bed put into your bedroom. Like everything here it was delivered on the back of a moto.

DSCN1098  Chicken stock Cambodian style

  I had the pleasure last year of watching an international football match here in Phnom Penh when Cambodia played the Philippines in a friendly. It was a pleasure because it only cost me $1(£0.60). The only problem was finding a good seat…..

233      240 

DSCN1645  The school run

DSCN1601  While visiting one of the slums we work in we were intrigued to see a large crowd that had formed and wanted to find out who was the centre of attention. It turned out to be a nun from another  NGO who was giving out rice rations.


RSCN2425  After the school run mum goes and does the shopping.

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3 Responses to Short Snippets

  1. Gill D says:

    Good pictures with comments Duncan. I liked the one re the cost of the ticket for the football match. A bit different to a Saints (Southampton) game which, for a concession ticket is £38. God bless you all, keep up the good work, God Bless Gill D

  2. Ken Phillips says:

    Chicken stock looked Yummy 🙂

  3. Janice mew says:

    Love the chicken stock 😀

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