Work in the Province

As part of our work we go out to a small village in the Kampoung Speu province once a week. The idea is to help and support a small ministry there that has a kindergarten, English classes, a woman’s sewing group and Church services on a Sunday. It is about one and a half hours drive from Phnom Penh and we usually leave before 7.30 in the morning in order to get there by 9.00 and help with the final lesson of the day in the kindergarten. The children are there from 7.30 until 10.00.



We also go into the village nearby and spend time with some of the families there and see if there is anything that we can do to help at all.

The sewing ladies have been making bags out here for a number of years now but needed a bit more encouragement and a new alternative to the bags they had been making. Hopefully we can support them and give them new ideas for the bags. At present we sell them in a small number of shops in Phnom Penh but are looking to find more outlets for them. If we can sell more bags then the ladies will make more money. If we sell enough bags then hopefully we can create more jobs….simples. When we return to England in the summer we hope to bring some bags with us to sell and hope to have a wider range on offer.








We are often asked if we would like to have lunch when we visit. Sometimes we accept and sometimes we don’t,depending on the time and what else we have to do in the village. This week we declined even before we had seen what was in the pot….fortunately.


On the way home we had to take a 20 km diversion as there was a strike by factory workers and they were blocking the road. We weren’t too sure where we were going and had to stop and ask the way on a couple of occasions but it was good to see a little bit more of Cambodia…..


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