The Worst So Far

In my short time here in Cambodia I have seen a few things that I would not have seen in back home in England. Working in the slums here certainly opens your eyes as to how many people live and cope with life. The other day I visited the worst slum that I have seen so far. So what makes the worst slum? Surely when you have nothing, then you have nothing. It is not the small narrow roads or paths or the fact that this particular slum is very.. compact-there are a lot of people living in a small space. It is not the fact that it is maybe a bit more out of the way than most of the slums that we work with. It is the fact that it is in a graveyard. It is a Chinese graveyard and bodies were still being buried here until a few years ago.DSCN2534

Those living here are mostly Vietnamese and are somewhat marginalised by a lot of Cambodians.DSCN2535 When we visited the other day they said that many of them have lived here for 10 years at least and for the first two years they could not adapt to living in such a place as they were frightened by the spirits that lived there as well…They also spoke about how they just wanted to work, and earn some money and improve their lives (they couldn’t get much worse).DSCN2526DSCN2528

You come away from such places wondering what hope there is for these people-you really cannot see things changing for them but they just do not give up,they are amazingly optimistic and always pleased to see you. They will give you a seat and get you a drink and maybe something to eat. These people have such resolve when you think that many of us in the west would have just given up years ago-because we couldn’t cope..DSCN2534DSCN2532DSCN2533DSCN2530

I don’t know what the answer is to helping these people as they cannot help themselves and many others in this city will not help them. God only knows…DSCN2525

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4 Responses to The Worst So Far

  1. Jenny Hayles says:

    How humbling Duncan. Just your willingness to be with them must be great for them. What more can I say? Jenny

  2. Gill D says:

    Duncan, I thnk God that you are there and showing you care. May God continue to give you the strength and opportunity to continue your work. Gill D

    • kennneth phillips. says:

      Keep up the work Duncan, great to see the pics it really brings the reality of it all home a bit. take care bud, onwards you go 🙂

  3. Norma Stephens says:

    Am challenged and encouraged by the pictures.Challenged, by the hope these lovely people have and, encouraged that your commitment to them keeps that hope alive. Bless you.Norma S

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