A Bit More Substance

After a couple of blogs with plenty of pictures I thought that I would enter something with a bit more substance to give an idea of what life is really like out here for some people. As a volunteer out here I have been so awestruck by the abject poverty that people live in…they just do not deserve to live in such circumstances-nobody does. But life is not fair and it never will be.I find it so hard that they can be so happy and cheerful,and willing to give you  what little they have. When you go to their homes they will always give you the best seats in the house-a couple of plastic chairs or they will clear the end of their bed of their rubbish so that you can sit down. It seems like a bad dream sometimes to be with these people in their homes and neighbourhoods ..but they will never wake up.We have to change their bad dream into a life of hope-and we can.

The people here are not defeated or have given up,but are simply waiting-waiting for something to happen that will change their lives.If they have not given up then we should not give up on them.Where there is life there is hope. And there is life here and there is certainly hope here. It is an absolute pleasure to be in the company of these people,I don’t think they realise how much they can have an effect on someone like myself. Not because they are poor but because they are such beautiful people.They are not defeated but more …..dormant. Change must happen and change will happen but we must make it happen.We must step out of our comfort zone to get stuck in and give to others a better life.I have only spent my time with these people in the day-I really don’t know what it would be like to spend time with them at night,when the lights go out(if they have any) and the rats ,cockroaches,mice,lizards and others move in.But they never moan.They just say that they would like a new roof for their house,more food for their baby and their children to be able to afford to go to school.

They deserve better,but then we don’t always get what we deserve. That doesn’t stop us trying to help them because where did any of us get today without a little bit of help…..?DSCN1414

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3 Responses to A Bit More Substance

  1. Gill D says:

    Just keep on loving, caring and praying Duncan. Just being there and being able to talk and understand their situation will be a source of support and hope for them. Love and prayers to you all, Gill D

  2. Norma Stephens says:

    Thank you for sharing your love and support to these dear people. They seem so happy and content in their situations. We stand with you in prayer.
    Prayerful good wishes to you all, Norma S

  3. June Hockley says:

    Sending prayers and blessings to you all. You are standing by faith, an example to us all.
    Every good wish

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