The Last Few Days..

Well the last few days have been more of the same with a little bit extra. We are attending language lessons first thing in the morning and then going into work straight afterwards

FSCN1641Kampoung Speu KindergartenOn a Wednesday we travel out to the province to help with the kindergarten that our NGO has a link with. We also help and support the ladies sewing group that is out there and offer pastoral care to local villagers.People are very curious to see us(probably because we are white!) but at the same time very open and hospitable. The kindergarten has about twenty five to DSCN1645thirty children who attend from the nearby village and the plan is to one day have a primary school here as well.

It takes about an hour and a half to drive here from Phnom Penh so we start early leaving by 7.30 am and will sometimes be given lunch which is nice as the sandwiches don’t last too well at 30 degrees…DSCN1646

People are very open and friendly and it is not unusual to be asked into a home and given a drink or offered food.The children especially seem so happy with so little and it is a joy to be in their company.DSCN1610DSCN1609                    DSCN1657                 DSCN1680

Visiting people in the slums becomes a regular part of work as there is so much need there and so much to do. Unfortunately death is all around us.One of our clients died recently after being admitted to hospital after supposedly being knocked off her bike. She died in hospital soon after but unfortunately the real reason she was put into hospital was that she was beaten by her husband. Whether or not he will be brought to justice we will wait and see..The mother of one of our senior workers also passed away last week and our prayers and thoughts go out to him and his family. On the way home yesterday I was unfortunate enough to see my second road accident in just a few weeks. A man was laying on the side of the road after being hit by a vehicle. I am not sure if he was just unconscious or not..There was a crowd of people there,again just looking and watching.

2000 gift boxes have now been dispatched and will start to be given out to children over the next week or so.I played football on Sunday and Monday this week but have not had the chance to go cycling much lately and would be going on Saturday but for the fact that we are moving house. We don’t have a lot to move as where we are living now is fully furnished and where we are moving to is completely empty.We have borrowed a few items from work which is a big help and look forward to moving to a slightly bigger house. We will have plenty of room so if you would like to come and visit and see the work we are involved in or just fancy seeing some of Cambodia please get in touch as we would love to see you!

on the move!

on the move!


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One Response to The Last Few Days..

  1. Gill D says:

    Praying especially for you with regard to your language lessons Duncan, it will come given time.

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