Tell me what you want..

So please help me and tell me what you would like to see on this blog. Is it more photos,if so what of? Is it more about the work that I do? Is it more about the culture out here? Is it more about life in  Cambodia or Phnom Penh? Whatever it is  I will try to get as much information as possible.

Cambodia is a good place to be as there is much to be done and many waiting for it to be done.

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3 Responses to Tell me what you want..

  1. Jenny Hayles says:

    I am enjoying your blogs Duncan. I love the photos you post. It provides an insight into how the Cambodians live. I also like the accounts of what you are doing. Both are so helpful and give a small picture of how life is for the family. Becci keeps us up to date as well with emails. So with your blog and the emails prayer can become much more focused. Time must be an important factor but whatever you write or show in pictures is valued.

  2. Ken Phillips. says:

    I personally am enjoying all the updates, it is lovely seeing the photos, i enjoy hearing about the way the people live there, what are the highs for you out there Duncan ? i imagine it being fullfilling for you, its just really nice to hear how your doing out there and to hear about the people there.

    • Hi Ken, good to hear from you.Glad you like the photos as I enjoy taking them. People live from day to day-just try and get enough money to pay the rent and feed themselves and their family.But they are such lovely people and will never moan about their circumstances,they just get on with life and in a strange way seem quite content with things. The highs are probably just being here with them and trying to help them in some small way as they do appreciate all you do for them.The lows include having to get up at 3.00 am to watch Chelsea play live on telly….

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